Basic look at how Smooth move works

Smooth Move was developed out of the experiences of 20 years practice using Tai Chi for helping chronic shoulder pain and spine problems.

The foundation for Smooth Move was based on the question : How could the sensors in a smartphone be used with simple exercises to give therapeutic benefits ?

There was every reason to believe that smartphone sensor readings could be converted into audio feedback, and that this feedback could be arranged to guide a Smooth Move user to move with an increasingly subtle refinement.

This higher quality movement would be achieved by the mind and body naturally adjusting, simply put trying out different ways to move that would reduce the audio feedback. This involves adjusting the levels at which different muscles are relaxing and being used, and balancing the myriad factors involved in healthy posture.

After two years of development and testing, case studies for hand tremors, and for neck / shoulder pain, demonstrate that a few minutes practice with the Smooth Move app can indeed achieve the goals of therapeutic benefits.

More technical details on how the Smooth Move concept originated and developed can be found in the advanced look at how Smooth Move works.