Therapeutic use : Hand tremors (Essential tremor)

Essential tremor is categorised as a neorological condition, but the exact causes and disease mechanisms are not well understood. The end result though is a problem in the deep parts of the brain that control movements.

Roughly 50% of cases are linked to specific genetic causes, but in general there is no known cause, only ongoing research and a list of risk factors.

Unfortunately, at the present time the typical prognosis indicates a likely continual and gradual worsening of the condition, with no known reliable cure.

Treatment options are also not ideal. The drug treatments often came with significant side effects. Surgical procedures involving brain implants can be effective, but of course present risks.

There are several technology ways to assist with living with the condition, but Smooth Move is a new technology assist that works to control and reduce the condition.

Research into Parkinson's disease, an unrelated tremor condition highlights that exercises such as tai chi can improve conscious awareness of body movements, and promote relaxation. There is every reason to believe these same processes should also be relevant to improving symptoms of essential tremor. When the mind can have a relaxed conscious influence on the nervous system and how it controls movements, then the mind can start to directly influence tremors at their source.

Looking at how Smooth Move works then the goals of promoting conscious body movements, and relaxation are a fundamental part of the Smooth Move process. What might be more significant for therapeutic use relating to tremors though is the way Smooth Move will promote the brain to develop new neural pathways to achieve fine motor control. There is a long list of miraculous feats of the brain's recovery powers, and the goal of Smooth Move is tap into the natural brain repair processes for the purpose of tremor control and reduction.

Case studies

After three years with a worsening tremor, several months working with Smooth Move has resulted in a practically tremor free life - for further details please read move.

Thus far Smooth Move is only at the start of being trialled for use in reducing essential tremor. If you are using Smooth Move for a tremor related condition, please consider contacting the development team to contribute a case study, the development team can be contacted by email.


If you would like to try the Smooth Move app it is available for free for Android smartphones from the Google play store.