Therapeutic use : Neck / shoulder pain

The shoulder and neck both share the common characteristic that they provide complex ranges of movement, which comes at a cost of less protection, and thus vulnerability to various types of pain and injury.

Furthermore, the neck and shoulder have a close anatomical proximity which can even result in neck problems giving shoulder pain, and vice versa.

Treatments for both neck pain and shoulder pain range from the well known such as heat ice packs, heat treatment, postural exercises or braces, physiotherapy, massage, to lesser known ways of reducing discomfort.

If these work and resolve the problem then great. Unfortunately this is not always the case. There might be options for surgery, but this is not always reliable to solve the problem without complications.

In all this, many people are left with some kind of long term neck and shoulder pain, with no better solution than to live with the discomfort, and take pain killers as necessary.

Looking at how Smooth Move works then easing the source of the problem is inherent in the Smooth Move process. The goal of Smooth Move is to remove underlying tensions and postural habits that can often be the origins of neck / shoulder pain.

Case studies

After several months with chronic shoulder pain, a few weeks use of Smooth Move significantly reduced the discomfort, and within a few months all pain was gone - for further details please read move.

Thus far Smooth Move is only at the start of being trialled for use in reducing neck / shoulder pain. If you are using Smooth Move for a neck / shoulder condition, please consider contacting the development team to contribute a case study, the development team can be contacted by email.


If you would like to try the Smooth Move app it is available for free for Android smartphones from the Google play store.